Farley Mowat, Author, Environmentalist

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Farley Mowat died on May 6, 2014, less than one week before his 93rd birthday, and will be sadly missed.

Most of the articles and comments have noted his environmental and other adult books like “Never Cry Wolf”.  I’ve heard comments about this remarkable man ranging from “He was Canada’s greatest environmentalist.” to “Everything he wrote was a lie.”  Farley famously commented about himself that “he never let facts stand in the way of the truth”, so maybe they were all right!

Some of his best loved writing was in the simple stories he wrote for children.  “The Curse of the Viking Grave”, “The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be” as well as the very funny “The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float”.  These stories can be read by (or to) those who are quite young or by those who are quite old.  Some are action and adventure and some are nostalgic looks at our past.

His novels and non-fiction books have been translated into fifty-two languages and his books have sold around seventeen million copies.

He received many literary and other awards during his life.  Many are saddened by the loss of this inspirational man.  Happy trails to you, Farley.

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