Pierre Berton & His Writer’s Residence Retreat


Pierre Berton, ( 1920 – 2004) was a noted Canadian author of non-fiction, especially Canadiana and Canadian history, and was one of Canada’s most prolific and popular authors.

He also worked in several television shows as writer, editor, interviewer, or host, but may be most familiar on the screen as a permanent panelist on Front Page Challenge from 1957 to 1995.

“The books made Canadians believe they shared a historical narrative with depth and drama”— Philip Marchand, The Toronto Star

He received over 30 literary awards, more than a dozen honourary degrees, and was a Companion of the Order of Canada.

In Dawson City, Yukon, The Berton House Writer’s Residence Retreat provides an opportunity for a professional Canadian creative writer to work in a remote Northern community. The writer is housed free of charge in the boyhood home of author Pierre Berton.

The program is intended to provide professional Canada writers an opportunity to concentrate on their work in a remote yet exciting location, where they can become familiar with a part of the country they might otherwise not experience, and it is also hoped that their writing will be influenced by their Yukon experience.

4 thoughts on “Pierre Berton & His Writer’s Residence Retreat

  1. A retreat in the Yukon… Now that really sounds like a retreat.

    The writing of the current Berton House writer in residence, Alan Cumyn, seem very interesting. I see he teaches in Vermont. He must truly be a man of nature.

    Great post.

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      I spent part of a summer in Dawson City many years ago. It’s an interesting place with interesting people. The house was rented out at that time as a residence.

      Thanks for the info on the current writer in residence. Two beautiful places far apart. I have a couple of Alan Cumyn books but haven’t read them. Maybe now I’ll give them a try.

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